Flooring System Designs

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FlorLine Group® will design an industrial floor/wall/ceiling system for any environment or application


  • Coatings:  10 mil. — 30 mil.

  • Broadcast Layers:  50 mil. — 125 mil. (1/8-inch)

  • Self-leveling floors:  90 mil. — 250 mil.

  • Troweled toppings:  125 mil. (1/8-inch) — 375 mil. (3/8-inch)


  • Coatings:  10 mil. — 30 mil.

  • Sprayed Fiberglass:  40 mil. — 125 mil. (1/8-inch)

  • Troweled walls:  125 mil. (1/8-inch) — 250 mil. (1/4-inch)

System Design Considerations

Our recommended industrial flooring system designs are typically based on the floor/wall/ceiling environment, usage patterns and expectations for service life.  The specific elements we consider include:

  • Physical usage

  • Motorized traffic

  • Mechanical damage

  • Safety

  • Compliance

  • Chemical exposure

  • Production schedule

  • Thermal shock

Other Flooring System Capabilities

We support application-specific designs for walls including, Epoflex flexible systems, StranLock fiberglass systems and troweled walls.

FlorLine® also supports all approved techniques and products for cove base designs, including:

  • Spoon coves

  • Radius coves from ½-inch to 3-inches

  • 45-degree coves

  • All types of concrete piers, curbs and trenches

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